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Sophie deLightful is a versatile performer always willing to try something new and put herself into unfamiliar environments. Aside from her obvious deviation from the traditional physicality of her industry counterparts, Sophie deLightful has a natural wit, a cooling demeanour and an unnerving cheek so rare in today’s cabaret scene that no matter the platform, she will continue to draw interest from fans both current and new. She is classy yet brash, heavenly yet devilish, and all the time brimming with sparkles and glitter. In a world which judges all too quickly on swipe-left likeability, this Melbourne-based cabaret starlet aims to teach that you shouldn’t always judge a book by its dredlocked cover.

Dipping her stilettoed toe into the burlesque scene first in London almost ten years ago, she performed in newcomer competitions and showcases, and soon started to attract stand-alone gigs at various events and bars around the iconic city. Alas, visas only last so long and thus she returned to Australia after traveling the world, having completely exhausted her funds and her energy.

It was, however, a return to the stage as a cabaret performer which really got things moving for Sophie deLightful. Over the last couple of years while based in Melbourne, Sophie deLightful has produced and starred in three productions (“Supa SnH Plus Liqour”, “Childhood Dreams & Fairytale Queens” and “Clause & Effect: A Christmas Obsession”) which have also featured an array of Australian burlesque, cabaret and circus performers. “Childhood Dreams” was also taken to Sydney and Canberra, both of which sold out, and there are plans for more cities in the very near future! Her latest series, “Power Pussies”, began in February 2016 and has now toured in various forms from Melbourne to Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane (including two Fringe Festivals and garnering award nominations along the way).

Adaptable and reliable, Sophie has entertained audiences at festivals including Wide Open Space (Alice Springs), Burning Seed (NSW), Rainbow Serpent (Victoria) and Boom Town (England). She also works with a number of organisations as Creative Director for ongoing, cabaret-related projects. In collaboration with her creative (and thirsty) friends, she runs biannual “Frisky Whisky” whisky-tasting cabarets, is a driving force behind the vaudeville collective, The Odditorium (soon to be touring Midsumma 2019) and is involved with the Melbourne-based Fire Tribe.

Packing a punch with her vocals as much as her wit, she’ll turn your favourite lullaby to a seething cesspool of sin and debauchery. Or just sing about farts.

As an artist, Sophie deLightful believes in burlesque and cabaret as an empowering force in adult entertainment, and her role is purely the middle lady. By allowing the stream of consciousness to flow between music, art and collective minds, she is facilitating the growth of belief and strength within every single person that sits in front of me. If she, as a performer, manages to break through to that glorious being that resides in all of us, then she has done her job. Let the beauty shine!

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Mission statement:

Placing utmost importance on the respect between producer and performer, Sophie deLightful simultaneously carries out both roles with utmost professionalism and diligence.

All contact by performers will ALWAYS receive a response and productions will strive to bring a point of difference to the vaudeville entertainment and circus community.

At a typical Sophie deLightful production, you should expect an interactive audience experience carried through a central theme and complemented by hand-picked local performers of disciplines including burlesque, cabaret, fire performance, spoken word, performance art and circus.

Show-goers will be encouraged to dress up and get involved, prices will be kept reasonable and performers will always be paid a guaranteed wage for their valuable contribution.

Being part of a Sophie deLightful production is more than just showing up and performing, it’s becoming part of a community that’s a little bit raw, a little bit polished and an awful lot of fun!

Open your mind and be ready to experience something different. May your world be ever so… deLightful!!! xoxo

Photographer credits:

Sophie has been delighted to work with a number of talented photographers for photo shoots and events. Links to those who have their work featured on this website are found below with much love and gratitude:

Stuart Bucknell
Angel Leggas
Darren Clarke
Christopher Harkins
Richard Heaps
Jem King
Monika Mackowiak
Tania Pendlebury